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All international travellers must present a valid and approved travel document (generally a passport) as evidence of their identity and nationality to allow entry into Australia. In addition, all international travellers (with the exception of most New Zealand passport holders) must also obtain a valid visa before travelling to Australia.

As a general guide, travellers are encouraged to apply for their Australian visa well in advance of their planned departure date. European passport holders can apply for a visa online through the Australian Government’s eVisitor system. Passport holders from a range of other countries (including the United States of America) can apply for a visa online through the Australian Government’s Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system. Alternatively, passport holders outside of Australia can apply for an ETA through a travel agent, airline office, specialist service provider or Australian visa office. Note: The eVisitor and ETA systems provide the electronic equivalent of a visa for the short-term traveller which replaces the traditional passport visa label or stamp. Most applications are processed instantly.

For conference organisers and delegates, specialised visa advice is available through the Australian Government’s International Event Coordinator Network (IECN). Located across the country, IECN staff work with event organisers to provide free advice and visa processing assistance for international travellers invited to speak at, perform in or attend an event in Australia.


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