ICIM 2014

Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Jürgen Caro, University of Hannover, Germany
Presentation title: MOF membranes: Bright industrial future or a laboratory curiosity?

Jerry Lin, Arizona State University, USA
Presentation title: Carbon dioxide perm-selective ceramic-carbonate dual-phase membranes

Arian Nijmeijer, Shell, The Netherlands
Presentation title: The use of ceramic membranes in the oil and gas industry

Motoharu Noguchi, Metawater, Japan
Presentation title:
Application of MF ceramic membrane for water treatment

Toshinori Tsuru, Hiroshima University, Japan
Presentation title: Nano/subnano-tuning of inorganic porous membranes and pore-size evaluation by nanopermporometry (NPP) and normalized Knudsen-based permeance (NKP)

Ingolf Voigt, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany
Presentation title: Ceramic nanofiltration membranes - one decade of successful application and new developments

Keynote Speakers

André Ayral, European Institute of Membranes (IEM), France
Presentation title: Design of hierarchically porous membranes by innovative coupling of synthesis pathways and by modelling

Mihai Barboiu, European Institute of Membranes (IEM), France
Presentation title: Self-assembled supramolecular channels - toward hybrid materials for directional translocation

Henny Bouwmeester, Twente University, The Netherlands
Presentation title: Mixed conducting membranes for oxygen separation

Rune Bredesen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway
Presentation title: CO2 flux and separation properties of high temperature dual phase membranes

Anita Buekenhoudt, VITO, Belgium
Presentation title: Functionalisation of ceramic membranes to steer fouling effects and affinity in liquid filtration

Anne Julbe, European Institute of Membranes (IEM), France
Presentation title: Silicon carbide - An attractive membrane material

Andreas Kaiser, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
Presentation title: Design, fabrication and characterization of ceria-based asymmetric oxygen transport membranes

Kang Li, Imperial College London, UK
Presentation title: Continuous fabrication of inorganic micro-tubes with self-organised radial micro-channels

Manfred Martin, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Presentation title: Oxygen permeation membranes for coal-fired power plants

Ian Metcalfe, Newcastle University, UK
Presentation title: Ceramic membranes for chemical process applications

Wilhelm Meulenberg, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Presentation title: Sequential tape casting and characterization of LSCF Membranes for oxygen separation

Keita Miyajima, Noritake Company Ltd., Japan
Presentation title: Development of porous ceramic substrates and modules for zeolite membranes

Shin-ichi Nakao, Kogakuin University, Japan
Presentation title: H2 permselective silica membranes prepared by chemical vapour deposition(CVD) and their application for membrane reactors

José Serra, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Presentation title: Engineering future ion-transport membranes for gas separations in energy and chemistry applications

David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Presentation title: Accelerating membrane development using quantitative materials modeling

Theodore Tsotsis, University of Southern California, USA
Presentation title: Supported carbon molecular sieve membranes: Preparation, characterization, and field-testing for process intensification during power generation

Jaap Vente, Energy Centre of The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Presentation title: A toolbox approach to hybrid silica membranes

Henk Verweij, The Ohio State University, USA
Presentation title: Mesoporous cerium oxide layers for nano-filtration, O2 separation, and thin film fuel cells

J. Douglas Way, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Presentation title: Composite Pd alloy membranes for high temperature hydrogen production with CO2 capture

Weishen Yang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China
Presentation title: Organophilic mixed matrix membranes in biorefinery applications

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