ICIM 2014

Keynote Speaker

Henk Verweij, The Ohio State University, USA

Henk VerweijHendrik (Henk) Verweij received his BS and MS in 1975 from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and his PhD in 1980 from Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands. He was a research scientist at Philips Research Laboratories until 1991 where he investigated glass structure, insulators, superconductors, and translucent ceramics. Verweij was professor in Chemical Engineering at Twente University, The Netherlands until 2000. Since 2001 he is professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA. Verweij’s expertise includes sorption and transport in dense and porous matter, ellipsometry, wet-chemical and colloidal synthesis, and process control. His current research topics are synthesis and properties of homogeneous porous ceramics, ceramic membranes for CO2, H2, and O2 separation, and water treatment, and solid oxide fuel cells.

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