ICIM 2014

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Simon Smart, The University of Queensland, Australia

Simon SmartDr Simon Smart is a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Deputy Leader of the Films and Inorganic Membrane Laboratory at The University of Queensland. The major focus of Dr Smart’s research work has been the development of robust inorganic membranes for gas and liquid separations. His major contributions to the field have included the synthesis and characterisation of a new metal silica membrane with improved hydrostability for use in industrial gas separation, membrane reactor technologies and desalination. Currently he has a leading role in several industrial and academic research projects within FIMLab including: developing silica based membranes for gas (H2/CO2) and liquid (desalination) separation and several membrane reactor technologies incorporating inorganic membranes. Dr Smart’s work has lead to 18 peer-reviewed publications including a book chapter and a journal paper with over 174 citations. He has also been involved in securing 2 industrial research projects with funding of over $470,000 and has worked in several successful international collaborations with Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany and Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabi

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The University of Queensland
UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology
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Victoria University
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