ICIM 2014

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Anita Hill, CSIRO, Australia

Anita HillDr Anita Hill’s group at CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering performs research on dynamics and transport of atoms, ions and small molecules in condensed matter. She has led research teams that have developed materials and processes that have been reduced to practice in industry for mineral separations, gas and liquid separations, and barrier packaging. Flow-on benefits from her work in membranes include the establishment in Australia of a low energy membranes research cluster via the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship which involves 9 universities and 3 CSIRO divisions in collaborative mission oriented research to improve membrane materials to dramatically increase efficiency and reduce the financial and environmental costs of producing desalinated and recycled water. She has consulted for over 25 companies on product development and industrial implementation. She is on the International Organising Committee for ICOM2008 and has vast experience in the organisation of conferences and symposia including the Pacifichem Conference Symposium on Characterization and Modelling of Membrane and Barrier Polymers, Co-Chair (2000), PacifiChem Conference Symposium on Membranes: Co-Chair (2005), the American Chemical Society Fall Meeting Symposium on Advanced Membranes for Energy and Environmental Applications: Co-Chair (2006), and the CSIRO Advanced Materials Symposium (2006, 2007, 2008) which annually has between 200 and 300 participants from 13 divisions in CSIRO plus invited national and international speakers (Organising Committee).

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