ICIM 2014

Local Organising Committee

Mikel Duke, Victoria University, Australia

Mikel DukeMikel Duke is an Associate Professor and the Principal Research Fellow of Membrane Science at Victoria University’s Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Melbourne. He leads projects which range from industry sponsored demonstrations down to government funded fundamental materials research. His materials interests are in functional design of zeolites, silica, titania, polymers and nanoclays to achieve improved performance for desalination, ultrafiltration and the surface catalysed destruction of organic contaminants for water recycling. He also leads industry sponsored projects to demonstrate membrane processes such as membrane distillation and membrane assisted fermentation which pave the way for solving major issues in sustainable water and foods production. Mikel has more than 40 journal publications with over 140 citations and is the founding and current president of the Membrane Society of Australasia with over 130 members from the research and industry sectors.

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The University of Queensland
UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology
The University of New South Wales
Victoria University
The University of Melbourne
Monash University
Curtin University

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Separation Purification Technology