ICIM 2014

Conference Chair

Joe da Costa, The University of Queensland, Australia

Joe da CostaJoe da Costa is the Director of the FIMLab –Films and Inorganic Membrane Laboratory, and a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. Currently, Joe leads several research projects in the area of H2, CO2, O2, desalination and ethanol separation using inorganic membranes, membrane reactors, and proton conduction membranes for fuel cells. The focus of his work is providing engineering solutions to real industrial applications (i.e decarbonised economy) by designing materials with novel properties such as hydrostability, regenerability, high fluxes and selectivities, and high proton conduction to increase power densities. Joe has over 200 international publications including 11 book chapters on membranes and membrane reactors.

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The University of Queensland
UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology
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Separation Purification Technology